Saturday, July 17, 2010

birthday cake for baba & murphy's birthday!

well, it's not lebanese, but my little doggie whose name is lebanese, baba ghannouj, turned 2 so we had a delightful summer birthday garden doggie party for baba and murphy! these photos are courtesy of baba's buddy clancy's folks, joann and kurt.

the cake—a coconut cream cake i made with a recipe from capprial's desserts topped with raspberries and strawberries from the garden—is full of LOVE! 

here's baba watching his buddies kai and lucy partaking in the festivities (e.g. sweets) when they weren't being chased by lambeau, baba's brother murphy's housemate!

clancy giving murphy a "birthday kiss" with lambeau barking all about it! baba hurrying up the path to see what he's missing!

we can't forget baba's girlfriend, bridget, who made him very jealous as all the boys fell in love with her!
the photo of her with our senior citizen, otto, is still in my camera. 

lucy, chased by lambeau, with kai close behind!

all in all it was a very fine day! and the eight doggies loved it as much as the fifteen adults! summer has finally arrived in portland!