Monday, December 9, 2013

fig tree variety nursery source in the u.s.

in doing some research about cedar trees, i discovered a link for a U.S. nursery supplying a great variety of fig trees with lots of information. it is called Trees of Joy. here's the link:

they also sell pomegranate, persimmon, and jujube, which i tasted for the first time in our lebanese village, douma!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Alice's Kitchen will be at Camamu's Alchemists' Bazaar on saturday, december 7, 2013!

if you are in the portland area, please join us in Sellwood for a wonderful holiday bazaar with fabulous locally made gift choices: soaps, salves, scarves, art prints, ceramics, and much more at Camamu Soap!

i will be making some Lebanese treats from alice's kitchen for your pleasure to taste and will be signing cookbooks for people on your holiday list, who love Lebanese food! Ahlan wa sahlan!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Alice's Kitchen: Traditional Lebanese Cooking will be at the Wilsonville Festival of the Arts Sunday, June 2 in the Literary Plaza

Linda Dalal Sawaya will be sampling fig-filled cookies at the Wilsonville Festival of the Arts on Sunday, June 2 in the Literary Plaza as she signs and sells copies of Alice's Kitchen: Traditional Lebanese Cooking! I will also have a few copies of The Sweets of Araby, a dessert book that I illustrated with stories from the 1001 Arabian Nights, published by Countryman Press!

Be sure to mention you saw my blog post for a special discount on cookbooks! And be sure to taste a fabulous lebanese fig cookie and say hi!

It looks like a great arts festival and the weather will be perfect!

blessings and happy cooking!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

rare spiral-bound, lay flat Alice's Kitchen: Traditional Lebanese Cooking available!

i just found a box of spiral-bound, lay flat copies of my 2005 edition of Alice's Kitchen printed to fill orders while waiting for my big printing of the newest edition. if you would like a chance to win a free copy and are on FACEBOOK, please LIKE my cookbook page!

the 100th person to LIKE my page will receive a signed copy of the book with free shipping in the U.S.!

if you're not on FB, or would just like to buy one of these rare copies, send me an email, and i will tell you how to order one. the price is $30 including priority mail shipping in the U.S.

i use my lay flat copy all the time in the kitchen, since it is so much easier to use. the perfect bound books are what bookstores and libraries prefer, which is why the majority of the books were printed with a spine.

Lenten blessings and happy cooking! be sure to enjoy the many Lenten (vegan) recipes in Alice's Kitchen: Traditional Lebanese Cooking by Linda Dalal Sawaya.