Monday, February 1, 2010

alice's kitchen cookbook blog featured on "Grow Your Own" blog

my recent post about planting fava beans and using homegrown beans in our lebanese winter soup shourbat makhlouta was found and i was invited to submit my post to Grow Your Own roundup. the big bean in the foreground is a scarlet runner bean from last year's garden!

so of course, i did! check out the link to see the many entries for middle of the winter (except some entries from australia are mid-summer) dishes, along with my blog post.

since i garden and cook, there will be more connecting with "grow your own" cooks!

at a nursery in LA yesterday, i looked with longing at someone walking around with a tomato plant! that won't happen in portland until may at the earliest (without a greenhouse!).

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  1. Thanks for the mention, and thanks for your participation!

    Looking forward to seeing more Lebanese dishes featuring homegrown ingredients. Stay tuned to House of Annie for the announcement!