Friday, April 23, 2010

food tasting and cookbook signing saturday april 24 at Bale's Thriftway in cedar mill and some lovely readers' comments!

if you're in the neighborhood of cedar mill between 3 and 7 pm, stop by to taste some samples of lebanese food from alice's kitchen: traditional lebanese cooking! it's a last minute thing, and i don't know what i'm making yet! lebanese surprise! you can also pick up a signed copy of the cookbook for yourself, family, and friends! a great mother's day gift, as some recent correspondents wrote (and how blessed am i to get this kind of feedback so often!) thank you to all!

I received my copy of Alice's Kitchen today. The way it is written and the personalized notes make it feel like a gift. It is such a pleasure to read!
Thank you so much for all of the work you put into this book. Thank you for the special touches that make it feel like a gift. Thank you for writing about cooking in a way that makes it feel like something wonderful instead of like a chore or a complicated burden. Thank you for writing about food in a way that makes it feel like something valuable and important instead of something to worry about or fear.
I have already found some wonderful new things to try with my lentils and rice. The chickpeas I had soaked for tonight's dinner will be extra special now. Thank you!—U.

Thanks Linda! I am adding your blog to my list now! I LOVE your recipes - they are not criptic like my grandmother's recipes!!! And everyone loves my tabouli... thanks to you. I'll pass your blog onto them too...—G.N.S.

Linda thanks so much for the wonderful cookbook and for sending them to my nephews. they called and said they loved them and were honored that you autographed the books. and letting them know they were a gift from me. they said they would always cherish it.
i also love the book. the dishes i have tried are delicious and they taste so much like my mothers cooking. i had tried making some of the dishes before and they tasted good but always seemed to be missing something. with the correct ingredients they taste delicious. thanks again. yours truly —J.A.

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