Tuesday, March 1, 2011

happy new year! started off with traditional 'amah and blessings

okay, i know it is well past january 1 and i am finally posting my new year's post!

so you can see how behind i have been! the good news is i am catching up! finally today downloaded the photos of the new year's 'amah i made and enjoyed to bless and bring in the new year...which got off to an incredibly hectic start.

in the pacific northwest, where it snowed this morning, it is still cold enough to cook and eat some comfort food: in my culture this is 'amah...whole wheat berries simmered with anise seed until tender.

served warm with golden raisins, walnuts from my walnut tree, and agave syrup to sweeten it. the simple recipe can be found in alice's kitchen: traditional lebanese cooking on page 207.

now that i've broken the ice and posted in 2011, the way is open for more! stay tuned and keep in touch!
a warm welcome to all the new followers!

blessings to you and yours in the new year! and as mama would say, happy cooking!

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